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Do you know about the Freeminers? 18 Jul 2020

Many locals aren't aware of the mysterious world of Freemining in the Forest of Dean.

GCRG are part of the first response to any incident in the Freemines and we train regularly with the miners.

Here's a great article in the local press: Gloucestershire Live article

Gloucestershire Live Coverage 24 Nov 2019

See the Gloucestershire Live coverage of a rescue involving members of our team

Recent break-in to our Depot 30 Sep 2019

Firstly, a big thank you to all who have supported us since the event, it's really appreciated. The funds raised have enabled us to repair existing equipment and improve security, so thank you! The offenders, who were caught on site by the wonderful paramedics from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, were apprehended by Gloucestershire Police on the same night in Quedgeley, still driving the scabby Transit. That van was stolen from Bristol so they were arrested. Now we just have to go through the process to see what the courts think of them.

Virgin Money Giving 01 May 2019
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Gloucestershire Live Coverage 15 Aug 2017

See the Gloucestershire Live article on the delivery of our new command and control trailer.

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