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Jubilee Medals Ceremony 07 Oct 2022

On Thursday September 8th along with a few other GCRG members I was at Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean preparing for the presentation of the Queens Platinum Jubilee Medals to around 50 GCRG members. Returning to near the mine entrance and my phone rang and it was the High Sheriff of Gloucester ringing to tell me the sad news that the Queen had died. In consultation with Dusty, we took the decision to go ahead with the event. The medal was a celebration of part of the Queen's life, and I felt that she would have wanted us to go ahead. By the time I took the call many people would already have set off. Once everyone had arrived and before proceedings got underway, we held a 1-minute silence in honor of the late queen. Thanks go to Kevin Adcock from Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service and John Dutton from SARA who between them presented the medals. Thanks go to everyone who helped with setting the event up, to all the recipients of the medals and their guests for attending the event and a very big thanks to Jonathan Wright owner of Clearwell Caves for allowing us to make use of the Mine Complex and its superb and very appropriate surroundings for what was a very special event for everyone. Thanks to Raif Evans for a very fine collection of photos.

Upcoming films 13 Jul 2022

You may remember we were part of rescuing George from OFD back in November. On Mon 18th July at 8pm and Thurs 21st July at 10.50pm on BBC 1 Wales (available on Sky and Freeview) they will be showing The Rescue: 54 Hours Under The Ground and we are very excited to watch it!

There is another exciting blockbuster coming up Thirteen Lives telling the story of the 2018 Thai Cave Rescue which is expected to premier on 29th July.

New files 12 Jul 2022

We have some new files available (also on our membership page):

  • Our membership form can be downloaded here
  • Our GDPR fair processing and privacy notice can be downloaded here
  • Our records management and retention policy can be downloaded here
New constitution 13 May 2022

Our new constitution is now available as ratified at the AGM yesterday. It is available here and on our membership page

New newsletter 09 May 2022

Head over to our Publications page to see all our newsletters, including our most recent one

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